Triple A Solutions: Specialists in Fire Safety

The Triple A Solutions team has been specialising in Fire Safety and Building Usage since 2003. Initially delivering Fire Risk and access assessments together with Personal Emergency Evacuation Planning (PEEPs), Triple A Solutions has focused purely on training public and private organisations to deliver PEEPs in a wide-range of complex environments since 2011. A proactive approach and creative techniques result in innovative solutions for complex workplace environments to enable enterprises to demonstrate a responsible and reasonable approach to employees and residents alike. Along with our consultancy approach, we build tech solutions for the future. This includes multiple applications and eLearning courses to manage Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs), Fire Risk Assessments and Access Assessments.

We have a suite of eLearning courses focused on Personal Emergency Evacuation Planning (PEEPs)

Courses are for all organisational roles from fire professionals to strategic planners and to those developing PEEPs