PEEPs Overview

Here is a PEEPS overview: The lack of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) puts at risk, on a daily basis, disabled people and Fire and Rescue Service professionals. This is made worse by the lack of proper plans and evacuation strategies when attempting rescues in dangerous situations. Those responsible for fire safety also risk prosecution in the event of non-compliance with existing legislation.

PEEPs are essential for those unable to evacuate to meet the legal requirement of the Fire Safety Order that all building of occupants must be able to move away from immediate danger and evacuate the building. There is no exclusion from this requirement for disabled people or general needs accommodation:

Local Government Association have taken legal advice from Leading and Junior Counsel’s and published their legal opinion in the LGA’s EEIS+ Consultation Response:

“Part 3 of the Equality Act 2010 imposes an anticipatory duty on councils and housing associations in relation to allocation of tenancies and the management of let properties: 

See Nur & Ors, R (On the Application Of) v Birmingham City Council [2021] EWHC 1138 (Admin) (04 May 2020) (Nur). This means that they are under an anticipatory duty to consider the requirements of their disabled residents without those residents having to ask.”


“This duty to disabled residents applies in all blocks, not just those with simultaneous evacuation.”


“Treating disabled residents differently in buildings of different height is likely to be unsustainable in the face of legal challenge under equality law.”

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