Privacy Policy

To provide PEEPs for Professionals eLearning, TripleAconsult needs to gather some personal data about attendees.

We gather this data to ensure that the course materials are delivered to you appropriately, and to ensure that we can contact you or you can contact us and affirm your identity during the course.

The personal data we collect is:
Name – for purposes of identification and any contact required
Organisation – to support collaboration on the course material with colleagues
Role – to ensure that materials are appropriate to job role
Email address – to contact delegates
Telephone nos – to contact delegates

This data is collected to fulfil our contract to you and provide the eLearning experience. We also collect feedback comments with consent to improve our course materials and delivery.

Details collected for delivery of the eLearning experience are used only for this purpose. We may contact you if you report any issues or difficulties with the course where direct contact is required to ensure effective delivery.

You have the right to request access to any personal data we hold on you under the above bases.

You have the right to rectification of data, meaning if data we hold on your is inaccurate or out of date we have a responsibility to update it when informed.

You have the right to request that we cease or restrict processing of your data.

With feedback comments, you have the right to request that we remove any identifying information associated with feedback.

To make use of these rights, please contact us.

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