Implementing Inclusive Fire Safety


This is a supplementary course covering the build environment of existing buildings for learners who have already undertaken the Strategic Planning Course.  There are nine lessons in this course covering stairwells and colour, fire detection and alarm systems, fire suppression, fire doors, lifts, refuges and wheelchairs

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Target audience

Designers and building managers involved in material changes to the physical infrastructure, who have already completed either the Foundation or Strategic Planning Courses.

CPD:  2.5 hours.

Briefcase Documents:  PEEP examples and course notes.

The course contains six lessons covering how the physical environment can be improved to assist disabled people to evacuate, which will also benefit non-disabled people including:

  • Fire alarms and fire detection
  • Fire Suppression
  • Stairwells & Signage
  • Lifts
  • Fire Doors
  • Refuges

Electric Wheelchairs & Assisted Escape Devices addresses fire safety for and storage of electric wheelchairs together with an overview of assisted escape devices.

A final review giving an opportunity to re-enforce the learning. Learners must achieve an 100% pass rate before the CPD certificate is provided.