Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) Training Courses

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PEEPs Training Courses: Proof of competency is key for both the Building Safety Act and the Fire Safety Order.

Courses are delivered as micro-lessons accessible on mobiles, tablets, laptops or desktops.  

Training can be delivered as remote group training and managers can monitor progress.

Learners are provided with a CPD certificate, apart from the two free short courses:

“Corporate We are extremely proud to announce Triple A Solutions has been awarded the Corporate Vision Award for Most Trusted PEEPs Training Provider 2023 – UK.
This is a fantastic honour which we have worked extremely hard towards.

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For full details of all courses, please download our Training Overview in PDF format.

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Annual Subscription

Annual Subscription

Maintain your proof of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by subscribing to the Triple A Solutions training platform for 12 months.
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PEEPs for Professionals

PEEPs for Professionals

Interactive, engaging lessons taking 5 to 8 hours to complete. The course is accredited by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) who have awarded 6 hours CPD.
Price: £595.00
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Strategic Planning

strategic planning course

A four-part course covering the delivery of cost-effective organisational strategies, process and procedures for emergency arrangements for vulnerable people. 
Price: £395.00
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Practical PEEPs

Practical PEEPs

A six part course covering the practical development PEEPs for vulnerable people. 
Price: £275.00
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PEEPs & Neurodiversity

A young couple lerning about PEEPs and Neurodiversity

A supplementary course focusing on emergency arrangements for neurodiverse people for learners who have completed the Practical PEEPs course. 
Price: £120.00
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Designing Inclusive Fire Safety

Course: Designing Inclusive Means of Escape

A five-part course focusing on the built environment to support disabled and vulnerable people to evacuate and complies with Building Regulations.
Price: £375.00
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Implementing Inclusive Fire Safety

Course: Implementing Inclusive Means of Escape

A four part supplementary course focusing on the built environment for learners who have already undertaken the PEEPs for Professionals Foundation and Strategic Planning Courses.
Price: £275.00
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Disability Awareness

Disability Awareness Course

A short course covering an understanding of disability, use of language and common courtesies. Access to this course is at no additional charge when you purchase a course.
Price: Free
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Fire Safety

A course giving an overview of fire safety covering the fire triangle, workplace fire safety and fire extinguishers for those with no knowledge of fire safety. Access to this course is at no additional charge when you purchase a course.
Price: Free
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Strategic Lead Housing, East Suffolk Council

“Creating Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP’s) for all our residents with shared routes of escape was a daunting task for my team, but we all recognised the importance and the urgency in this work.

I was concerned with going with an online training platform, as it can be too easy to be distracted by email and calls when completing courses online. The platform and modules themselves were engaging, used different techniques throughout such as video’s, podcasts and quizzes to help you stay on track. We enjoyed the training and having different levels for the strategic and operational aspects worked really well.

Since completing the training, the team have been able to complete PEEP’s with all our residents in high-rise, temporary homeless and retired living accommodation, and we are currently working through our general needs flats. It has also given me the confidence to make the necessary recommendations for both evacuation devices, and mitigations such as misting devices and alterations to buildings.”

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