Building Safety: The New Era

This course is available FREE of charge with the following courses:

  • PEEPs for Professionals
  • Designing Inclusive Fire Safety
  • Implementing Inclusive Fire Safety
  • Strategic Planning
  • Practical PEEPs


Target audience

Responsible Persons, Principal Accountable Persons, Accountable Persons, and managers. Fire professionals and those responsible for advising Board Members and Directors internally and externally.

CPD:  2 hours.

Briefcase Documents: Course notes.

Focusing on emergency arrangements for vulnerable people:

Part 1: The Building Safety Act 2022. Introduces the Building Safety Act 2022, Gateways, the Building Safety Regulator (BSR), guidance, enforcement, terminology, and key duties under the Act.

Part 2: The Fire Safety Act 2021 & Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022. The Act and the Regulations and how they apply to emergency planning for vulnerable people.

Part 3: The Golden Thread. The principles and implementation of the golden thread.

Part 4: Building Safety Cases. Safety cases, safety management systems, residents’ engagement, complaints.

Part 5: Mandatory Occurrences. Delivering mandatory occurrence reporting.

Part 6: Building Assessment Certificates. Information required when applying for a Building Assessment Certificate.

Part 7: A Final Review. An opportunity to re-enforce the learning. Learners must achieve an 100% pass rate before the CPD certificate is provided.

Part 8: Updates. Provides updates to building safety legislation, regulations, guidance and information as they become available.